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The Signo White Uni-ball Impact Pen is perfect for doodling on your scrapbook layouts or adding unique-looking journaling. It's also perfect for writing on cards made with darker papers or cardstock. You'll get pure white ink every time, no matter what color of cardstock you use. In fact, the white ink in the White Signo Pen is opaque, even on super dark papers. Even on photos or stamped surfaces, Signo will do the trick. And even better, the ink will not skip or fade as it dries. It comes out as smooth as silk every time.

This pen features a “uni-glide” gel-ink system that helps prevent blobs, smears and skips. With its transparent barrel, you can monitor its ink supply and hopefully prevent running out of ink in the middle of journaling. The white ink is also acid-free, water-resistant and fade-resistant. There is also a soft, rubber grip for your comfort. A clear cap prevents the pen from drying out and the finger grip from getting dirty.

Usage Tips:
  • When you first open the pen, use it on scrap paper to get the ink going before journaling on your project.
  • The pen works best on non-textured surfaces.
  • If you are using textured paper, use the side with the “nooks” (indention) and/or the back of the cardstock to help prevent any stops in your line(s).
  • Keep the cap on the pen to prevent from drying out.